Vacuum line help on a 4.0 ohv


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I need help reconnecting some vacuum lines! 4.0 ohh 1991 4x4 ranger. I have pictured three lines that I found open on my engine bay.

I just bought the truck. The previous owner said the 4x4 isn't working (but the transfer case will engage, must be an issue with hubs not locking?) and the oil smells heavily of fuel. This may tip off where these lines need to go?

I have pictured the lines that I need to hook up. The first picture I am holding the line that is coming off of the air box. The second and third photo are of two open lines that are wrapped in the same harness. I am holding the harness and have a pic showing where they are coming from.

Can someone please post a photo of where these lines go on a ohh 4.0? Can someone also say where the vacuum lines are for fuel and hubs?

I would pay someone to send me a video of vacuum lines on the ohh 4.0. image1.jpeg