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2019 Ford Ranger Oil Change Require removing the front left wheel


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Ever swapped out the battery in a cloud-car Chrysler, or maybe an old Sebring or PT Cruiser? You’ll be reminded of that when the time comes to change your new-generation Ford Ranger’s oil, assuming you’re a proud member of the DIY crowd.

Job One for those looking to freshen the Ranger’s internal lubricant, besides heading to the store for a couple of jugs of synthetic and a filter, is to break out the jack. You’ll need to remove a wheel.

Because the 2.3-liter Ecoboost four-cylinder found in the 2019 Ranger isn’t exactly the same beast as that found in other Ford vehicles, the oil filter migrates to a slightly new location. A larger oil cooler means the filter no longer hangs towards the oil pan near the rear of the engine. Instead, the filter sticks out the left side, at right angles to the engine’s cylinders, making it less accessible for fumbling hands.

Sliding under there and going to town just isn’t in the cards, at least for the oil filter phase of the operation.

A service procedure obtained by TTAC states that, after removing the left front wheel, a technician or owner must then remove an access panel secured by nine push-pin retainers. From there, one removes the filter with an end cap tool. To actually drain the oil, which of course you’ll accomplish before attacking that filter, you’ll first need to unbolt the power steering control module underbody shield. Four bolts hold that on.

In all, there’s quite a few steps to take before replenishing the truck’s 6.2 quarts of 5W-30.

Tailoring the 2.3L for Ranger duty produced a setup that isn’t likely to annoy those who can’t be bothered to change their own oil — which, let’s face it, represents the vast majority of vehicle owners. They’ll just be happy to have 270 hp and 310 lb-ft to push their rig around. Maybe they’ll stop to boast to their friends about that 26 mpg highway rating, too. Ford would love it if they did.

For others, or perhaps the truck’s second or third owner, this oil change procedure sets the Ranger apart from domestic and foreign rivals, none of which require the removal of a wheel. At worst, there’ll be a skid plate or shield to get out of the way. The V6 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon twins make up for their lacklustre interior with an oil filter that’s accessible from under the hood. Less time spent on one’s back on cold pavement is a good thing, but there’s tradeoffs for everything.