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New & Fired Up


New Member
United States
What I Drive
2022 Ranger XLT Crew 4x4 5ft 2.3L
Hi to Forum. New memb. New Ranger.

Last Ranger lasted 18y. Still runnin' strong at trade-in (only 130k mi).
Hope to get 10y+ on new one (and some nice trips).

Already scoping out anti-rust plans, commencing with Krown protection.

Looking over small accessories (some on order, like hood struts) to improve & customize my rig.

Next up is tailgate damper, once I settle on a reliable brand (is DeeZee ok?).
How to minimize tailgate cable pinching or abrading on damper?

Meanwhile carefully shopping many choices for bed extender & eventually a tonneau.

Typically enjoy function over form and bang for my buck.
Enjoy mental tradeoffs before expenditures (study, learn, plan, shop, compare & contrast).

But inexpensive beautification projects may be attractive and catch my eye.

Speaking of small ... already replaced orig roof antenn with 4-inch AM/FM stub.
To ensure I can make my Krown app't without a damaging garage exit. :)

Only been out once since initial park. Propped garage door a tad higher with carefully inserted broom.

Not a big motorhead historically, but have done brakes and tuneups & sometimes more complex things.
Enjoy minor to moderate DIY stuff and troubleshooting when required.

All tips welcome, thanks!