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How to: Replace ABS Sensor in Rear Differential

I replaced the ABS sensor in the rear differential on my F150, and took some photos of the simple process. I've done this on a couple of Explorers and Rangers, and the process is the same. You'll need a 1/4 drive ratchet with a 10mm or 13mm socket (I've seen both used), and a flat screwdriver, as pictured below with the replacement sensor.

Next, you'll need to locate the sensor. It is on top of the pumpkin, just above the pinion flange. Just wiggle the harness and gently pull to disconnect the sensor from the connector.

There is exactly ONE bolt holding the sensor in place, located on the top of the sensor.

Here is the bolt removed.

Here is where the flat screwdriver comes in handy. Gently insert the blade between the sensor and pumpkin, and pry the sensor up. Do not pull it out all the way, or you may get dirt or rust in the hole - not good.

Pry it up about this far. See all of that crap under the sensor? You'll want to blow or wipe that debris out of there. I just blew it out easy enough.

The new sensor is a little taller, but the are the same length neck down.

To install the new sensor, just wiggle it and push down to get it to seat. Refrain from tapping it with a tool to seat it. Then reinsert the bolt, as seen in the photo.

Then don't forget to plug the new sensor in.

Congrats, you have just replaced your rear differential ABS sensor.