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'91 Ranger 4.0 auto For Sale

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United States
What I Drive
91 ranger
I have a ‘91, 4.0 with functional A/C, tinted windows, auto, 7' bed with an excellent body that is available.
I shipped the truck from FL to Iowa last Dec. when I moved here; that was the first time the truck had ever been North of the FL state line. The truck has never seen snow or salt. The metal is 100% top and bottom...zero rust anywhere in the vehicle. The suspension was rebuilt 3 yrs ago and has seen about 4800 miles since: ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks, and brakes (front calipers and pads, rear shoes and one drum). The transmission was also replaced, with a crate rebuild, 4800 miles ago. The motor is sound with water pump, fan clutch, alternator, radiator, coil and 3 injectors replaced within the past 2,000 miles. 4 new tires mounted on the original aluminum rims (very nice condition...no pitting) and center caps 1800 miles ago. The interior...replacement dash cover, new, premium black carpet complements the original red 60/40 seat that is about 90% "as new", door panels are 90% "as new", and the red headliner is absolutely 100 % perfect--no sags, tears or stains. The windshield is perfect (no chips, no runs and no errors) and no wiper tracks...The other windows are original and do have some scratches; but not severe. The bed has a spray on liner and a premium rubber bed-liner both are perfect, and the bed is also covered with a premium tonneau cover also “as new" condition...no evidence of anything ever being in the bed--ever.
The only known issues with the truck...A. The oil pan leaks (I'm sure the pan gasket is leaking but I don't know if the rear main is leaking or not). B. The gas tank fills very slowly once you hit the 3/4 mark...empty to 3/4 is a normal fill rate; but that last quarter goes slow. The motor runs fine…no unusual noises. The former owner told me that the heads were rebuilt at 98k miles (the truck now has 137k miles on the odometer).
I had planned to do a 5.0 /manual trans swap, but my plans have changed so this truck could be available for someone else to do the swap...This is one of the nicest square body rangers still around and is ready to become either a really neat sleeper or a bold resto-rod. The truck is currently sleeping in a heated garage in SE Iowa. $5,200 would put it in your garage. Contact me if interested… Additional Pictures are available.
Tony tonyduprey@msn.com


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