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1988 Ranger Shock help needed

United Kingdom
What I Drive
1988 Ford Ranger
I have a 1988 Ranger XLT, extra cab, 2WD, manual transmission, 2.3, 4 cylinder. I'm wanting to upgrade my front and rear shocks just using standard length i.e. OEM lengths. I need help regarding what model years the same shocks will fit. I found in the Forum information that Ford used the same TIB (Twin I-Beam) front suspension in Rangers from 1983-1997. I'd like to upgrade to some Bilstein 24-022361 and 24-196277 front and rear shocks, but I see they are only listed to fit down to 1990. So, I am wondering since Ford used the same TIB from 83-97, why do many of the shock manufactures cut-off the year sometimes at 1990? What's the difference between shock lengths and fit from the years 83-97? Can I use any front and rear shocks for Rangers from 83-97? All responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you......
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