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Harbor Freight 16 Piece Heavy Duty Slide Hammer and Puller Set

Description from HF's webpage:

Harbor Freight 16 Piece Heavy Duty Slide Hammer and Puller Set ( Item# 60327 )

This heavy duty slide hammer has a 5 lb. hammer to pack real punch. Versatile puller assortment lets you handle all kinds of pounding and pulling operations.

- 5 lb. chrome plated steel slide hammer
- T-handle for secure grip
- Chrome-plated shaft for smooth operation
- Packed in a sturdy carry case

Accessories Included:
Slide hammer, 2 and 3 jaw puller yokes, internal/external puller arms, wheel/axle puller yoke, dent puller hook, dent puller screws (large and small), adapters and hardware, case

NOTE: The included adapter is an M12 X 1.5 female to 5/8" X 18 TPI male


And the main character of this review, seen here.

Overall, it seems to be a pretty decent hammer. I purchased this for 48 dollars, and comparably speaking is a decent bang for your buck. I have not used it yet, and I will review it again after I use it. Here are a couple of quirks I've found:

It says the hammer is 5 lbs. My shipping scale, which is very accurate, measures this at 4 lbs. 3.3 ounces. So, just a shade over 4 lbs.

From other slide hammers I've used, I feel this should have had at least 3 inches of threads on the end. This makes it difficult for locking the included puller arms as an internal pull. Here are a few pictures attempting to show what I mean.

Even without the puller arms, it doesn't have enough threads to reach the end of the tool.

Insert the puller arms, and you can tell it needs more flexibility. This would be a rather large bearing.

It only has 1 3/4" of the shaft threaded.

If you look in the case, it appears that HF at least thought about making the shaft longer. Maybe they hacked it off for a cost saving measure?

One other thing that is an oddity is that this has an M16 X 1.5 thread on the main shaft. While it is heavy duty, it is also an odd size. I can work around it though. I will go get some stock and extend it out where I feel it should be.

----- Just a side note. I wound up returning this and purchasing an OTC puller. This puller is exceptional in many regards, but the two areas I really fell disappointed was the metric threads.... and then not being able to pull a smaller bearing from the inside. Metric threads are not found on any attachments that I could find.