Clutch Problem in Ford Ranger 1994 2.3 engine


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Having a clutch problem in my 1994 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab. 2.3 liter engine with 5 speed manual trans. I’ve own this truck since it was brand new. It has 75k original gentle miles on it. My clutch works great most of the time it’s only when the weather is hot and the engine is hot is when my problem starts. Like I said clutch is fine until it gets hot, when I stop at a red light and try to start off the clutch stays engaged. I give it gas but the engine just races. It will pull very little sometime. In the beginning it would stay engaged and suddenly it would jump into gear and I’m off only to repeat this at the next stop. In cold weather with very short trips it’s great. Had someone on another forum tell me that he would start with changing the master cylinder and the line. He said when the line gets hot it collapses preventing the clutch fluid from flowing to the master cylinder. Sounded good to me. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before. If so, is it much a job to replace the line from the master cylinder to the trans? I know you have to bleed the system afterwards. Feedback would be appreciated, Thanks……
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