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98 Ranger with rear wheel brake having slight drag (1 wheel only)


New Member
Greetings: I have a '98 Ranger 2wd with about 250K miles on it. I have a question related to a problem with the right rear wheel brake dragging. When you first drive the vehicle after being parked for awhile, there is no drag. After a mile or two, the right rear wheel brake has a light but noticeable drag. It's just the right rear wheel, and the drag causes the wheel and brake to heat up and have a slight burning odor. I recently replaced the brake shoes, brake hardware, wheel cylinders and drums on both rear wheels. I suspected that the right rear drum might be the culprit after measuring about 0.030" of radial runout, so I replaced that drum with a drum of better concentricity; no help. I disconnected and disabled the parking brake mechanism, in order to determine whether that was causing the issue; the drag remains even with the e-brake linkage disconnected. I have repeatedly verified visually that the self adjusters on both wheels are all the way "in" and that they don't drift outward during operation. The front brakes are OK. I have verified that the wheel bearings are spinning freely and quietly. Has anyone else seen this kind of issue with rear brake drag? Thanks very much.
United States
Do you still have this problem. I have the exact same problem... Started a 250000 miles right rear drum. 2002 ford ranger edge 4x4, 4wd. I wonder if antilock break system is screwing things up. Maybe I will replace the sensor on the rear dif and see if it changes anything. You could cook an egg on it and other side is just slightly warm. I also have a vibration that might be related. Do you have any vibrations and do you have any idea what it might be. You just saved me from replacing shoes and drums because you said it did not fix the problem. Thanks.

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