A favorite truck is returning in a couple of years - the Ford Ranger is coming back, according to reports.

The mid-size truck has a long history with a version most recently produced from 1997 to 2012, when 70,000 of the vehicles were sold in a year.

Now, Ford is looking to bring back the popular truck - it sold nearly 350,000 in 1999 - as a 2019 model, according to Car and Driver.

The Ranger has been through many changes since 1983, when it was first introduced.

According to Car and Driver, Ford still sells the Ranger in many markets, except the US.

The mid-size Ford truck would fill a price gap while only being slightly smaller than the Ford full size F-150, Car and Driver says.

The starting price for the Ranger might be below $25,000, the magazine reported.

The mid-size Chevrolet Colorado currently starts at about $20,000.